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How to choose the sportswear ? | Sports Fashion

Posted on: December 12, 2012



Choosing the appropriate clothes for sports is crucial to good performance; if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you can never perform well. Usually all sports have almost same standards when it comes to clothes, so selecting the perfect ones for yourself should not be a big deal. However, here are a few tips to help you in buying the perfect sports clothing;

Avoid bulky or loose clothes

When doing sports, players want to focus on the game alone, for this reason the clothes the player is wearing should never come in his/her way. Tightly fitted clothes will make sure that player concentrates fully on the game without bothering about what he/she is wearing. Moreover, tight clothes enhance ventilation. However, running clothes like track suits are often loosely fitted but they do well with casual running.

No more cotton

When buying sports clothing especially cycling clothes the fabric should be taken into account; avoid buying cotton clothes. Cotton clothes have the tendency to hold moisture and get bulky. On the other hand, synthetic fabric keeps moisture away from the body keeping it dry and ventilated and when doing sports you do not want to get all wet with sweat.

Bacteria protection

Physical activity give rise to sweating and that may produce bad body odor. But if antimicrobial clothes are used, bad odor can be minimized. In addition to this, these clothes also guard the players against certain infections and health risks. So, always go for apparels which have antibacterial properties.

Cost price             

Price may vary according to what brand you go for. There are several brands which are too expensive and offer same quality and style as offered by other reasonable vendors. Just ensure not to get overly expensive apparel.

Comfort and style

Because fashion trends keep on evolving and sportswear are now being closely linked to fashion, it is important to choose something that is comfortable as well as stylish or trendy. Pick something that matches your personality. Go for styles and colors which are in fashion. You can always compliment your clothes with proper footwear and several accessories like wristbands and bags.


Keeping the body at its normal temperature while gaming is important and to avoid feeling too hot during the physical activity, lightweight breathable fabrics like spandex or polyester should be picked. On the other hand, during winter season, clothes with sufficient layering should be chosen so that the body stays warm enough to be able to perform properly.

The sportswear industry has evolved so much that there are different and specific sports clothing for every specific sport; for example, cycling clothes are different from running clothes and similarly, other sports also have their own specific standards in clothes. Although the basic standards remain the same, the apparels designed specifically are aimed for enhancing performance and meeting the user requirements.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, the type of clothes one chooses is a matter of personal preferences and comfort level.




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